Waterfox Browser

Waterfox browser is an open-source browser based on Mozilla Firefox, for 64Bit systems. There is no official 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows, which is the very gap Waterfox Browser has come to fill.

Speed is the hallmark of this browser. It is compiled with Intel C++ Compiler and uses Intel’s Math Kernel Library, Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 and Advanced Vector Extensions.

Waterfox is designed for 64-bit Windows editions and takes advantage and makes efficient use of faster RAM and processing speeds with greater stability, producing timeliness speed.  The browser has a resemblance of the Mozilla-based browsers, with a dark blue Start button instead of Firefox’s default orange.

Otherwise, Waterfox looks like Firefox, It is compatible with all  Firefox add-ons and 64-bit NPAPI browser plug-ins including its various customizable features and options, Microsoft’s Office and Silverlight plug-ins. 

Waterfox receives regularly updates. Choose your choice of software type: Setup Version, Portable Version to download. Enjoy the Waterfox browser experience.

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