Bisa App

BISA Health Application

Healthcare is a basic amenity which everyone should be able to access. The folks at Oasis Websoft in their quest to contribute to this cause has unveiled their BISA Health Application.

BisaApp as it is fondly called is a smartphone application named after a Ghanaian Akan word meaning “Ask”. BisaApp as the name Bisa denotes, enable questions to be asked by people virtually from everywhere around the globe with access to the application, a subscriber number and an internet connection through a smartphone.

The aim of this application is to allow smartphone users to directly interact with medical practitioners without being physically present at a health facility.

This is to remove the barriers of stigmatization, shyness and the inability to ask health related questions without being in a health facility physically. Lots of reasons pops up when people who need medical information are questioned as to why they did not seek medical attention. You get excuses like;

“Due to long queues” , “The fear of stigmatization” and many more.

BisaApp enables patients of STIs to communicate with health practitioners without being stigmatized.  The app does not only address the problems of getting medical attention from qualified medical practitioners but also provides up-to-date information on Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of common diseases and how to control spread of diseases during outbreaks. The BisaApp mobile application and its website provides health tips to its users and visitors respectively.

Download BisaApp below for your preferred platform and feel free to Bisa that health question.

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