Android internet settings

Android Internet Settings

Android is an operating system that put much demand on connectivity to the internet. Being behind the dead end is something everyone wish to avoid, except it is not always the case; especially when the device would not auto detect your network providers settings.

Leaving you in  wonderland to figure out for yourself, how to connect to the internet with that gadget of yours which would simply not connect. Well, in this article we help you solve this problem.
Now let’s get to work.

  • Profile Name : Your Network Provider’s Name
  • APN: this is the access-point name for your Internet Service Provider (ISP). (Usually “internet” or “wap”, you can be certain by asking your provider)
  • Proxy: Most ISPs leave this field blank
  • Port: you need to check with your ISP but the default is “8080”
  • MCC: “xxx” (this is a three digit mobile country code for your country.)
  • MNC: “xxx’ (this is a three digit code assigned to  a specific ISP under MCC)
  • IP Version: this is usually “ipv4″or “ipv6”
  • Authentication: this is the type of security implemented on the network. (Usually “PAP” or “CHAP” but may vary)
  • APN type : most ISPs go with “default” but check with your ISP for clarification.
  • APN protocol: most ISPs use “unspecified” check with your ISP.

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