Mobilemoney: A peak at MTN ATM

Mobilemoney: A peak at MTN ATM

An ATM for the future of mobile money is on the block, courtesy MTN. This has sparked up conversations on the future of mobile money, mobile money subscribers and Mobile money Merchants.

Are they ready to be replaced.

Just as all technologies MTN latest advancement in Ghana is no different as merchants would have to begin counting their blessings or come up with a better strategy or face out to the Machines just as the machines are doing everywhere on the globe with jobs.

The under review self service machine is unreservedly going to accept and dispense cash, allow for communication with support staff of perhaps a pre recorded function or better still an ai assistant.

Well we are yet to get our hands on it and cant wait to meet the new Agent or Merchant. Of course, so long as it does it works as it is supposed to.

This innovation is indeed a new level from Mobile Telecommunications Network.

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